Discovery – Cathay Pacific’s Inflight Magazine App Reviews

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Wow. On my iPad this looks and works great. Outstanding! After you get past the first couple pages, swiping left and right, you start to see just a photo and a title. Swipe up, and you see the content of that page. Maybe not innovative? But innovative to ME! Really well done. Instead of swiping through a story and a bunch of pages that, for whatever reason, I am not interested in, you can just quickly scan the stories. These beautiful full page thumbnails (?) introduce the story, and if you are not interested, swipe right to the next thumbnail. I read other magazines using Zinio, for example, and by far this CP implementation is a much better way to read. Side note to the CP team. At least on my iPad, on this particular day, when I tried to write a review of this app. My text would not enter. I had to copy and paste from notepad to enter text. Probably just a strange thing going on with the App Store. But if you guys are finding few reviews. This could explain why. Finally, of course the content is really interesting and good. Lots of ideas about places to travel.


I love this app! Every page, every word, it's stunning to read! :)

It doesn't work

I subscribed without a problem, but I haven't been able to download a single issue. It starts to download, but when it gets to the end it goes back to the beginning, on an endless loop until I turn off my wifi and cell data connections.

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